Upcoming Events

October 17: Donald Alsbro - The Two Sides of My Vietnam War

Donald Alsbro is a retired U.S. Army Colonel who served two tours in Vietnam. He is a also a former college professor and President of Lest We Forget, an organization in Benton Harbor dedicated to educating students and the community about our nation’s military history. He is an award-winning documentary maker and speaker, and he has his own unique perspective on the Vietnam War.

October 24: Keiko and Rex Ziak - The Final Chapter of World War II

Over 1.5 million Japanese soldiers never returned home and their children and family members do not know what happened to them. But every Japanese soldier carried a personal honor flag signed by family, friends and others close to them. Thousands of these flags are in the hands of American veterans and their descendants. Keiko and Rex Ziak from Oregon have dedicated many years and their personal funds to finding the Japanese families of soldiers whose flags were given to Keiko and Rex by American veterans to return to Japanese families. In the Shinto religion in Japan, these flags embody the spirit of the deceased loved ones. Keiko and Rex were recently featured on CBS, and do not miss the moving stories of their successes and failures in their special quest.

All lectures will begin at 6:00pm at the USS Silversides Submarine Museum in the Channel View Room. The cost is $5.00 per person or FREE for USS Silversides Submarine Museum members.

Hell Below

The Smithsonian documentary Hell Below: Episode 3 America Fights Back will be showing here on a continuous basis throughout September. This video focuses on January 1943 when the USS Wahoo commanded by Dudley “Mush” Morton worked to help the US submarine force gain an edge in the South Pacific. This is an exclusive opportunity to see this movie. You can’t watch it online nor on any TV channels at this time. See it only in the USS Silversides Submarine Museum theater. Admission to the movie is included with your admission ticket.

McLane Update

Work continues on the USCGC McLane with the goal of taking her to the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival in 2017 for her 90th birthday! The forecastle, anchor chain, the mooring lines and the wheels on the brow. Next is the hull, primarily port side. Then we will refurbish the anchor windlass and the gusset, weather permitting. Interior projects remaining are the engine room (general cleaning of the lower level and repainting of the main walking deck), the boatswain’s locker (repainted) and the carpenter shop which we hope to clean and have it look like a functional carpenter shop. And that’s just for this year! More is planned for 2017. Donations are always welcomed and appreciated whether they be cash or services in kind. Please join the team & help us get to Grand Haven next year!