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Lake Michigan's Call to Duty in WWII

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the United States found itself suddenly plunged into what would become a second world war. In response, the nation undertook the greatest industrial, social, and...

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Past Exhibits

World War II Magazines and Pamphlets
Memories and Mementos
Memories and Mementos showcases the things that sailors and soldiers kept to remind them of their time overseas.
"We Didn't Do Anything" Exhibit at the USS Silversides Museum
We Didn’t Do Anything
We Didn’t Do Anything follows the path of four nurses that graduated from Mercy Hospital’s nursing school in Muskegon, MI and who went on to serve during World War II.
Instruments of War Exhibit Poster
Instruments of War
Instruments of War provides a multi-sensory introduction to the role of music in warfare. Two Muskegon-area natives are the focus of this exhibit: Clarence Zylman and Fritz Stansell. Zylman is...
Navy Divers Exhibit at Silversides Museum
Navy Divers, Featuring Carl Brashear
Navy Divers dives into the underwater world of military divers in the U.S. Navy. The exhibit focuses on the story of Carl Brashear, the first African American Master Chief Diver...
When Books Went to War
When Books Went to War centers around armed-service editions of books that were sent to soldiers during World War II. These books were the first paperbacks ever published, and the...
The Holocaust: a Ripple in Time at the USS Silversides Museum
The Holocaust: A Ripple in Time
A Ripple in Time explores the Holocaust from a very personal perspective. The exhibit tells the story of a Jewish man who hid with a French family during World War...
African Americans in the Military
African Americans in the Military focuses on two Tuskegee Airmen from Muskegon: Denzal Harvey and Dr. Robert Garrison. Both pilots led distinguished careers in the military, and returned home to...

Permanent Collection

In addition to our temporary exhibits, our submarine and our Coast Guard cutter, the USS Silversides Submarine Museum offers an extensive permanent collection highlighting the role of submarines in World War II, submarine technology and submarine construction. 

Our permanent collection includes artifacts like torpedoes, depth charges, uniforms and personal effects formerly belonging to soldiers, sailors, pilots and submariners. Visitors will also find nautical instruments used in submarines, including a functioning periscope, as well as a fully accurate paratrooper hanging from the ceiling.


The USS Flier

This exhibit tells the story of WWII in the Pacific through the experiences of the USS Silversides’ sister submarine, the USS Flier (USS-250), and her crew. The USS Flier’s deadly second patrol is the topic...

The European Theater

This exhibit focuses on two extraordinary soldiers who happen to be Muskegon natives: Joe Beyrle and Robert Miller, tracing their personal stories through major world events between D-Day and the fall of Berlin.

The USS Silversides

The USS Silversides (SS-236) is a Gato-class WWII submarine. She received twelve battle stars for World War II service and was awarded one Presidential Unit Citation for cumulative action over four patrols. She is credited with sinking 23 ships, amounting to 90,080 tons. Based on this record, Silversides has the most prolific combat record of any still-extant American submarine.

Visitors are invited to tour the USS Silversides both inside and out. Our staff has carefully restored every aspect of the ship, from the guns to the mess hall. Groups are even able to reserve the submarine for an overnight encampment, where they can sleep in the same bunks that housed the ship’s submariners during her many combat missions. 

USCGC McLane Cutter

The USCGC McLane (WSC-146) is a prohibition-era Coast Guard cutter. Originally designed as a patrol ship, the Mclane was transferred to the U.S. Navy from 1941 to 1946. She patrolled the Bering Strait during World War II, where she participated in sinking a Japanese Submarine and rescued the crew of a downed aircraft. The McLane continued to serve for decades after WWII, and was finally decommissioned in 1968.

Today the USCGC McLane is docked behind the USS Silversides, and visitors are invited to explore the ship along with a combination ticket to the Silversides Museum.

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