USS Silversides Museum

Fly a Commemorative Flag


Fly a commemorative flag on the USS Silversides or the USGC McLane on the day of your choosing.

We will raise a 3×5-foot American flag on the date of your choosing and take several pictures to mark the event. At the end of the day we will take down the flag, fold it in a triangle and send it to your designated shipping address. We will also provide you with photos of the flag flying and a certificate that acknowledges the date the flag was flown and its commemorative subject.

You receive:

  • A 3×5-foot American flag folded in a triangle
  • Photos of the flag flying
  • A custom certificate of commemoration

Please out the form below to select a date and let us know the event or person the flag will commemorate. If you have any questions, please contact Jack Fisher at [email protected]

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