USS Silversides Museum

Pipeline by Steve Elam


The USS Silversides 236 plays a critical role in this Mission Impossible style adventure! 

Terrorists are smuggled into the United States through a Mexican drug cartel pipeline. Their mission: Finish what al-Qaeda began on 9/11.The President and his ultra-secret K-Key Group have learned terrorists plan to “cleanse” America by detonating radioactive dirty bombs somewhere on American soil. Despite a nationwide electronic dragnet by the federal government, there’s only one clue: The target is in the Midwest.Once again, ex-Navy SEAL Billy Ray Jenkins is called upon to hunt down the enemies within the gates, and teams up with FBI Agent Johnny Lam, plus two of the hottest women no Special Ops team should be without: a clinical psychologist and an intrepid crime reporter. But these uncommon heroes will need our help–common people: Rising up to save America in its darkest hour. One man! One Team! One Nation!

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