USS Silversides Museum

81 for another 81


Happy 81st Birthday USS Silversides Submarine.  It was our privilege to celebrate you.  Here’s to another 81!  Please help us get her there with a donation of $81.00!

12/15/2022 is the 81st anniversary of the USS Silversides Submarine. This proud lady resides in Muskegon Michigan and was instrumental in helping shorten WWII.

We are asking for Donations of $81 to help keep our lady in shape for the next 81 years!

Those of you who know her gallant record and have visited her can tell you she is a remarkable

example of what life was like for the brave sailors who risked their lives to bring a speedy end to a terrible conflict.

Please donate to our cause to honor the men and women of our armed forces buy preserving this amazing machine for the education of generations to come!

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